Blue Grotto & Marsaxlokk Private Tour from Valletta Malta

Blue Grotto & Marsaxlokk Private Tour from Valletta Malta

Explore the southern tip of Malta's south island on this half-day tour from Valletta.

Included are a visit to the Blue Grotto and a stop at the picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

There is an optional boat tour at the Blue Grotto, operated when the weather permits, and your guide will assist you with purchasing the boat tickets on the day of the tour.

Transport and licensed guide included.

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Tour/Activity Details


Half day


9:00 am daily

Please Note: Hotel pickups begin at 8:30 am

4 Days Minimum Advance purchase Required. Hotel pick up from selected Valletta hotels only. Guests must call to arrange pickup at least 48 hours before the tour; phone number provided on E-Ticket. Rates are in US dollars PER VEHICLE (up to 10 passengers). Please order online or call to order or for more information.


The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto, known as Il-Hnejja (meaning "The Arch" in Maltese), was given its English name by a British soldier who thought it similar enough to Grotta Azzurra (The Blue Grotto) in Capri to deserve the same name. A trip to the Blue Grotto is high on the list of most people's touring itineraries, and with good reason. Located near Zurrieq in southwest Malta, an area famous for its rocky coastline, the natural sea caves are very appealing.

Boat tours leave between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm from the tiny harbour of Wied iz-Zurrieq and cruise for about 30 minutes before reaching the caves. The water on the west of the island can be quite rough but the captains are adept at handling the boats in choppy seas. During the winter months however, when the weather and water is more unpredictable, there are fewer departures and the boat tours are very weather dependent.

All the boats traveling to The Blue Grotto enter under an immense arch into a 140ft high cave cut into the rock face. The system consists of six caves carved by years of relentless pounding by the sea, of which the Blue Grotto is the largest and most impressive. The water seems an impossible cobalt colour as the sky reflects off the white sand bottom. The caves sparkle both with blue reflections of the sea and orange, purple and green of the various minerals present in the rocks.

One of the caves often visited by the boat tours is a small cave with a sandy bottom and usually people are given the opportunity to have a refreshing dip in the turquoise, emerald and blue waters of this cave. The Blue Grotto gets its name from the colour of the water close to the rock face. When exiting the Grotto you can see the deep blue Mediterranean in front of you and then the small island of Filfla appears straight ahead. Filfla is uninhabited except for a unique species of lizards that live there. When Malta was a British colony, the island of Filfla was used for target practice by the British Armed Forces. The island is now protected under Maltese law.


Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing village located in the southeastern part of Malta. The name means "south-east port" in Maltese and is pronounced mar-sa-shlok. Marsaxlokk is the foremost Maltese fishing village and perhaps the most picturesque seaside locality in the country. Fishing nets are often spread on the quay to dry in the sun and, quite often, sturdy fishermen can be seen mending these nets. These activities, together with the modest houses by the quayside, lend the place charm and serenity.

Fish restaurants have opened to meet the ever-increasing demand. The tourist influx to Marsaxlokk has also attracted many hawkers and souvenir vendors.

Overlooking the northern arm of Marsaxlokk Bay is the hill of Tas-Silg. This archaeological site contains remains of megalithic temples of the Tarxien phase, with later alterations resembling the Hagar Qim model. Bronze Age material was also found scattered around the area.

The Marsaxlokk Sunday fish market a fascinating insight into local life and a traditional industry. The stalls brim with the night's catch - fish of all shapes, colours and sizes.

The luzzu is the traditional fishing vessel used in Malta. It is pointed at both ends and is painted in characteristic bright colours. Before the introduction of modern registration the colour of the prow used to indicate the home port of each boat. The average overall length is 6.7 meters and the hull material is wood. These vessels have been the mainstay of the fleet in times gone by and their average age is 37 years old. The luzzu are very colourful and painted on each side of the boat is the image of the Osiris eye, surviving from old Phoenicians traditions. Legend says that it protects the boat and the fishermen.

4 Days Minimum Advance purchase Required. Hotel pick up from selected Valletta hotels only. Guests must call to arrange pickup at least 48 hours before the tour; phone number provided on E-Ticket. Rates are in US dollars PER VEHICLE (up to 10 passengers). Please order online or call to order or for more information.

Pickup Locations

Pickup Locations

Please Note: We do not pick up from any hotels that are not on this list and pick-up times are subject to change without notice, so ALWAYS call the tour operator at least one day prior to the tour to confirm the pickup time and location.
Hotel Name Address Pickup Time(s) Pickup Notes
115 The Strand Gzira test

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